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FAB4 29" / B+

FAB.4 29"
The FAB.4 29", a brandnew 29" edition of our famous FAB4 Enduro line - created in the supertrails of Latsch, South Tyrol, for all the 29" enthusiasts out there. Fast and efficient on uphills thanks to the 2-position Pike fork optionally and a powerful long travel bike for endless, even extreme singletrails and downhills thanks to its 29" wheels. This is only possible with a smart high-tech chassis that perfectly controls its plush travel and only releases on demand and as needed.
  • Trail/Enduro geometry
  • High-tech chassis - made of 6061-T6 Alu MAXX Custom tubing, powdercoated
  • Frame sizes S 42/M 46/L 50 /XL 55 / 60 cm - more info about frame specs and dimensions
  • inner cable routings on Downtube and Top Tube
  • B+ wheelset optional for tires upto 75 mm (3"
  • outstanding stiffness by 12 x 148 mm through axle and tapered headtube
  • trailer operation not possible
  • Frame data:

    Frame size:NoMSLXLXXL
    Recommended height, cm 174-181174-181179-188189-196197-208
    Construction dim.
    Seat Tube, mm138042047052056
    Top Tube (horizontal, C to C), mm2587.5605591605618
    Steerer Tube Angle ° (w/o sag)365.565.565.565.565.5
    Seat Tube Angle ° (effective)475.5 75.5 75.5 75.5 75.5
    Steerer Tube, mm5105105125150175
    Chain Stay, mm6445445445445445
    Wheel Base, mm711991215123812631297
    BB Height/ Drop, mm (standard tires)9355/17 355/17355/17355/17355/17
    Travel Rear Wheel, mm10160160160160160
    Travel Front Wheel, mm11160160-170160-170160-170160-170
    Frame size:
    Recommended height, cm 174-181174-181179-188189-196197-208
    1Seat Tube, mm38042047052056
    2Top Tube (horizontal, C to C), mm587.5605591605618
    3Steerer Tube Angle ° (w/o sag)65.565.565.565.565.5
    4Seat Tube Angle ° (effective)75.5 75.5 75.5 75.5 75.5
    5Steerer Tube, mm105105125150175
    6Chain Stay, mm445445445445445
    7Wheel Base, mm11991215123812631297
    9BB Height/ Drop, mm (standard tires)355/17 355/17355/17355/17355/17
    10Travel Rear Wheel, mm160160160160160
    11Travel Front Wheel, mm160160-170160-170160-170160-170