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The ultimate Offroad Machine
Made for extreme outdoor conditions and hard downhill riding. Made for speed junkies...The Huraxdax comes along with our well proven Enduro suspension technology and a balanced geometry.
  • Sporty geometry for a broad range of application
  • Robust and light high-end frame made of "Superlite Triple Butted" 6000-T6 Aluminium MAXX Custom tubing, powdercoated
  • Frame sizes XXL 60 - more info about frame specs and dimensions
  • Tire width upto 4.8" or 132 mm CS inner width
  • Universal frame construction - optimized for Syntace X12x197 mm throughaxle chain drive applications

Frame data:

Frame size:NoSMXXL
Recommended height, cm 168-174175-181197-208
Construction dim.
Seat Tube, mm1420460600
Top Tube (horizontal, C to C), mm2579605655
Steerer Tube Angle ° (w/o sag)3686869.5
Seat Tube Angle ° (effective)474/69.574/69.574/69.5
Steerer Tube, mm5115115160
Chain Stay, mm6460460459
Wheel Base, mm7113911951202
BB Height/ Drop, mm (standard tires)9347/35347/35347/35
Travel Rear Wheel, mm10140140140
Travel Front Wheel, mm11150150120-140
Frame size:
Recommended height, cm 168-174175-181197-208
1Seat Tube, mm420460600
2Top Tube (horizontal, C to C), mm579605655
3Steerer Tube Angle ° (w/o sag)686869.5
4Seat Tube Angle ° (effective)74/69.574/69.574/69.5
5Steerer Tube, mm115115160
6Chain Stay, mm460460459
7Wheel Base, mm113911951202
9BB Height/ Drop, mm (standard tires)347/35347/35347/35
10Travel Rear Wheel, mm140140140
11Travel Front Wheel, mm150150120-140