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Powder coating from the specialist
Our special know-how in giving powder-coated surfaces the perfection and grace of a wet paint finish is appreciated by numerous metal processors, exhibition stand builders, architects, mechanical engineers and craftsmen.

We coat in all RAL and metallic colours, on request even in individual colours, of course in all gloss levels and surface structures.

Furthermore, we are specialists in the renovation of "metal" industrial products - here we use all our knowledge and skills to restore the shine and grace of collectors' items. First of all, the old varnish is removed expertly and gently. Then we apply a single or multi-layer powder coating. If desired, we can even apply a digitally plotted decoration under a clear varnish.


We do everything in-house and have the most modern facilities for this, such as chemical paint stripping, blasting, chemical pre-treatment and, of course, a high-performance powder coating plant. That's why we can always guarantee the fastest possible delivery time.

We are a strong partner especially where large industrial coaters have to fit:

  • High flexibility and fast delivery times (November - February)
  • the most modern masking and masking technology
  • small batch sizes, also single pieces
  • anti-graffiti surfaces
  • Multi-layer process with "undercoat-decor" technique
  • ESD coating technology for the production of dissipative surfaces
  • Surface renovation with old paint removal
  • Cleaning, blasting, chemical paint removal, chemical pre-treatment

Powder coating - the perfect and durable surface for frames and forks.

MAXX carries out professional surface retreading of high-quality frames, rigid forks, swingarms and other add-on parts made of aluminium or steel - regardless of brand.

Please note: In the main season from March to October, we unfortunately do not carry out any Frameclinic orders.

The procedure

First, the old paint is professionally removed from the surface. In the case of wet painting, this is done by blasting with fine high-grade corundum, in the case of powder coating by chemical paint stripping and subsequent blasting if necessary.

The pre-treated frame is then powder-coated in our powder-coating plant with polyester in an impact-resistant two-coat process. The 1st layer is the base colour, the 2nd layer is a transparent top coat. On request, we can even add a logo, your signature or name and sealed coding between these two layers.

For steel frames and forks, we offer a special epoxy anti-corrosion primer as an option.

The finish will be like new - except of course for deep scratches or dents. On request, we can also paint other frame elements or components supplied in the same colour. We do everything in-house, so the delivery time from receipt is approx. 20 working days. Please note: Unfortunately, we do not carry out any Frameclinic orders during the peak season March-October.

Please note: Due to the special technique of powder coating, frames or, in the case of Fully, individual frame elements can only be coated in one colour. Chrome-plated partial surfaces cannot be covered, but will be blasted and coated in the desired frame colour.

Order / Processing

Maxx carries out frame retreading directly at the Rosenheim factory at the prices stated. So you have to send us the parts or bring them personally.


To avoid transport damage to frames, please use a frame box (available at your local bicycle dealer).

You will receive an order confirmation by email. Please enclose this confirmation with the shipment so that we can allocate your shipment.

Payment can be made in advance or on collection.

If you do not want special areas to be powder-coated or blasted, you must document these precisely in a masking plan in the form of a drawing or a picture on which the areas are marked.

Even unpainted or raw frames are always pre-treated or blasted again to ensure optimum adhesion. For this reason, we do not give any discounts on frames that have already been stripped of paint.

Our General Terms and Conditions apply. MAXX does not assume any warranty for hidden defects or preliminary damage to the workpieces.

We accept the following components:

1) Completely dismantled parts made of the materials steel, iron or aluminium.

2) All connections must be welded

We do NOT accept the following components:

1) Due to the high temperatures (up to 200 C°) in powder coating technology, the following components may not be processed under any circumstances, because the epoxy resin processed there can tolerate a maximum of 100 C°, liquefies and loses its strength when cooled again:

Carbon frames
Carbon forks
Glued frames
aluminium forks glued together (at the steerer tube).

2) Components that are assembled or glued together, add-on parts such as bearings, bushings or rubber or plastic connections.

3) Heavily corroded parts - are no longer statically stable.

For all questions, please use our contact form.