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Crossmaxx 28" Comfort

The Trekking Allrounder - Comfort Edition
The Crossmaxx Comfort is our most popular trekking bike - now in its 10th generation. The basic concept always has been a light, modern and attractive trekking bike with stepthrough. The Crossmaxx Comfort has a broad range of application and frame versatility, and it can be configured with state-of-the-art suspension, shifting and braking technology.
  • Easy entry, comfortable trekking geometry.
  • frame sizes S 43/M 47/L 51/XL 55 cm -more info about frame specs and dimensions
  • universal frame design enables a maximum of personalisation.
  • perfect riding stability & performance by rear wheel w/through axle (9 mm QR optional)
  • optimized for Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 CC DB OEM A12
  • optionally with Gates CT beltdrive
  • integrated mounts for frame lock and kickstand

Frame data:

Frame size:NoS
Recommended height, cm 155-166
Construction dim.
Seat Tube, mm1430
Top Tube (horizontal, C to C), mm2590
Steerer Tube Angle ° (w/o sag)371
Seat Tube Angle ° (effective)472
Steerer Tube, mm5120
Chain Stay, mm6470-485
Wheel Base, mm71104-1119
BB Height/ Drop, mm (standard tires)9280/80
Travel Front Wheel, mm11optional , max 70 mm travel
Frame size:
Recommended height, cm 155-166
1Seat Tube, mm430
2Top Tube (horizontal, C to C), mm590
3Steerer Tube Angle ° (w/o sag)71
4Seat Tube Angle ° (effective)72
5Steerer Tube, mm120
6Chain Stay, mm470-485
7Wheel Base, mm1104-1119
9BB Height/ Drop, mm (standard tires)280/80
11Travel Front Wheel, mmoptional , max 70 mm travel