FAB4 29"

Let´s rock the Trails!
No question, the new FAB 4 is your ideal choice for challenging trails, technical root passages and long uphills. Did you know? One of the most famous trails from Latsch / South Tyrol is the namesake of our Fab4, the "fab-ulous" 4er. Together with our experienced trail guides from Latsch we were able to raise the FAB 4 to a new level. In addition, the special requirements of tall bikers have been incorporated into the Fab4 for sizes XL and up. With the help of our configurator, you can adjust the equipment, ergonomics and design individually to your wishes and needs and thus configure your dream bike.
  • Frame sizes: S/M/L/XL/XXL
  • more info under frame and geometry details.
  • forward oriented enduro geometry
  • Precise tracking due to stiffer rear triangle
  • Improved kinematics for more traction on rough descents
  • robust frame construction - made of special 6061-T6 Alu MAXX Custom tubing, 2-ply powder coated
  • internally routed cables, prepared cable routing for dropper post
  • Frame data:

    Frame size:NoSMLXLXXL
    Recommended height, cm 164-174174-181179-188189-196197-208
    Construction dim.
    Seat Tube, mm1380420460500540
    Top Tube (horizontal, C to C), mm2588605630650670
    Steerer Tube Angle ° (w/o sag)365.565.565.565.565.5
    Seat Tube Angle ° (effective)475.5 75.5 75.5 76.5 76.5
    Steerer Tube, mm5105105125150175
    Chain Stay, mm6445445445460460
    Wheel Base, mm712021220124813001325
    BB Height/ Drop, mm (standard tires)9362/17 362/17362/17362/17362/17
    Travel Rear Wheel, mm10160160160160160
    Travel Front Wheel, mm11160-170160-170160-170160-170160-170
    Frame size:
    Recommended height, cm 164-174174-181179-188189-196197-208
    1Seat Tube, mm380420460500540
    2Top Tube (horizontal, C to C), mm588605630650670
    3Steerer Tube Angle ° (w/o sag)65.565.565.565.565.5
    4Seat Tube Angle ° (effective)75.5 75.5 75.5 76.5 76.5
    5Steerer Tube, mm105105125150175
    6Chain Stay, mm445445445460460
    7Wheel Base, mm12021220124813001325
    9BB Height/ Drop, mm (standard tires)362/17 362/17362/17362/17362/17
    10Travel Rear Wheel, mm160160160160160
    11Travel Front Wheel, mm160-170160-170160-170160-170160-170