Antriebssystem Shimano EP8


EP8 Drive Unit
For a natural riding experience, the SHIMANO STEPS EP800 drive unit allows riders to focus on the road and enjoy the ride. The quiet and compact motor reduces pedaling resistance and offers 20% more range. The EP800 drive unit is compatible with a wide range of mechanical and Di2 shifting options and provides up to 85 Nm of power output for a light and refined feeling of assistance.The improved clutch mechanism allows for a more immediate riding experience and smoother disengagement when the rider pedals at speeds above 25 km/h. Weighing 2.6 kg, the EP8 drive unit is 300 grams lighter than previous models. This makes it one of the lightest drive units available on the market.

More is not possible: With the new 726 Wh battery you will have energy for every adventure. Thanks to the new 21700 cells architekur it is possible at a much lower weight - only 3.8kg - to enable a power of 726 Wh. Well secured, the battery is also in demanding terrain safely and beautifully integrated into the down tube. The easily removable battery can be charged both on the bike and directly on the battery. For car transport, anti-theft, easier handling or occasional cycling without support, the battery can also be permanently removed. The down tube can still be locked with the new high-quality aluminum cover.


Control unit

For all MAXX Shimano models, there are several options for operating the motor.

Standard: SC-E5003:

With a simple and compact menu, the SC-E5000 bike computer offers a clear display that illustrates the various functions of the SHIMANO STEPS e-bike system.

Sigma: EOX V1300 (Only in combination with Bluetooth Upgrade)

The wireless EOX® VIEW 1300 provides a tidy cockpit. It is equipped with a long-life battery. This allows it to rotate out of the mount just like a regular bike computer. With 3 buttons on the bottom, the e-bike computer is easy to use. The transflective FSTN display ensures best readability even in direct sunlight and automatically adapts to ambient light.

Shimano Steps - Bluetooth contact point - D-Fly
For a tidy, uncluttered cockpit, the E-TUBE Connection EN100 provides wireless communication with third-party displays and smartphone apps. With the upgrade the E-Tube Project App can be individually adjusted the motor support. Different settings are suitable for a wide variety of terrain, from single trails and forest paths to use in the city. Here, everyone can set their own ideal support.



Don't let the size or looks fool you. This slim, narrow and flat drive unit offers enough power to easily take the rider up the next climb. With its compact and integrated design, it also provides ample ground clearance when heading into the more technical sections of a trail. Despite its power, the EP8 system acts almost silently. So the driver can enjoy the peace and quiet in nature without being greatly distracted.
Thanks to the heat-conducting magnesium materials and the completely redesigned motor housing, rising temperatures on climbs do not affect performance. This means that the maximum torque of the EP8 drive unit is available to the rider for a longer period of time. Heat exchange is also aided by the larger surface area

  • Lightweight and better handling
  • Direct ride feel, especially at speeds above 25 km/h
  • High and controllable power for added safety
  • Extensively configurable drive
  • Support when pushing the bike and walking. When the rider dismounts, he or she can push the bike at 4 km/h without shifting gears and in any gear.
  • Durable and weather resistant for riding in all weather conditions.

Drive unit STEPS DU-EP800

85 Nm max. torque
Max. Support ratio: 400
2.6 kg total weight
10 % less volume (compared to E8000)
36% less internal resistance
4 assist modes (push assist/Eco/Trail/Boost).
Mechanical push assist improved with intelligent push assist (Di2)
DC-EP800-A/B drive unit cover; DC-EP800-G drive unit protection

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