Antriebssystem Fazua


The lightest and most compact drive system
Lightweight, integrated, natural, hybrid: evation is the lightest and most compact mid-motor system on the market. With the slim solution integrated into the tube, the bike almost look like a non-motorized bike. The unique natural riding experience with no unnatural resistance above the legal speed limit makes our system ideal for sporty, ambitious riders. And thanks to the orifice, the bike can even be ridden entirely without electric assistance.

The Battery 250 was designed to perfectly balance light weight and endurance. At only 1.4 kg, the battery weighs just as much as a water bottle. If you want more range, you can either improve your fitness or simply pack a spare battery.

Remote bX
The Remote bX is the new control element for all people who prefer to operate their drive system from the handlebar. It is characterized by an unobtrusive, modern and clean look. By means of a sensitive touch surface can be intuitively switched between the different riding modes, as already with the Remote fX. With the rain mode, the touch surface can be locked and the selection of modes is done exclusively via the mechnical button. Five LEDs indicate the battery charge and system status.

Downtube Cover
With our high quality manufactured Downtube Cover your Fazua-eBike can be converted to a normal bike in seconds. The 0.4 kg light cover can be inserted into the down tube instead of the motor and battery unit in one easy step. Decide for yourself whether you want to bike with support or extra storage space. The 2-in-1 solution is an integral part of the product philosophy at Fazua. With the bezel, the total weight of the bike is reduced by 2.9 kg. The interior can be used as a storage compartment for your bike tour (eg for a rain jacket or water bottle).

For whom is the FAZUA drive system suitable?

More and more powerful motors, bigger batteries - this is definitely the right choice for a large proportion of ebike customers. But the downside is unfortunately the increasing weight. For a full-grown man weighing 100 kg, this doesn't matter, but for a petite person weighing 50 kg, it does! And that person doesn't need it at all, because less e-support would be more than enough due to her low weight.

In addition with bigger batteries it is not possible to build suitable frame sizes for smaller people under 165 cm.

Futhermore many sporty bikers don't even want that much support and are proud of their own remaining wattage and only want the support for peak loads.

The solution is the Fazua system

Perfect for smaller, light, sporty bikers who do not need such a huge drive system with an additional weight of about 5 kg due to their low own weight. And for all sporty ones, who want to cover their own endurance at load peaks with a moderate E-support. Your ebike should therefore be light and as easy to ride as a classic bike.

MAXX concentrates in its Fazua models on mountain bikes - hardtail and fully - with a focus on very small frame sizes and on City & Gravelbike for good and not so good roads - optionally with road bike - or flat MTB handlebars, sizes up to 4XL.

- motor 60 Nm
- fully integrated battery 252 Wh
- total weight 4.6 Kg

3 riding modes
Choose between three assistance levels or ride your bike without any
assistance, just like a conventional bike.

≡ Breeze
Smooth, constant and 100 watt* strong tailwind even at low rider power.
rider power.

≡ River
Progressive and very sporty mode, for a flowing riding experience. 
The strength of the support precisely follows your own performance. If you ride
easy, the motor supports you only slightly. If you pedal harder, the motor
the motor supports you more strongly (max. 210 watts*).

≡ Rocket
Aggressive support that helps you even with moderate rider power,
to master the steepest climbs (max. 250 watts*).


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