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What do we do?

We build bikes on customer request!

Our MAXX Modular Bike System in connection with the online configurator enables you to equip your bike according to your wishes. All bike models can be selected in different classes, each of which is fully equipped and ready to ride. For each individual class there are in turn optional equipment variants, the so-called upgrades, for the perfect coordination of your dream bike. Our online configurator ensures that you can easily, clearly and quickly configure and calculate your dream bike or frame. The delivery time is just 15-20 working days even in the main season.

How do you do this?

Each bike is unique!

For every bike to be manufactured, an individual parts list is first created, on which every single component and every work step is defined. Each frame is individually and by hand powder-coated in the customer's desired color using a special process and thus preserved for half an eternity. We center and relax each impeller individually and by hand to ensure perfect running smoothness. And finally, the final assembly, where the individually coated frame, the wheels and all other components pre-sorted according to the parts list are carefully assembled and adjusted to be ready for use. With us, the clocks tick differently: It is not the time factor that is the measure of all things, but the care and attention to detail.